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Repository of Python and Bash scripts for GNU/Linux systems
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My Tux


This is a repository of Bash and Python scripts that can be useful to sysadmins and end users of GNU/Linux systems.


In every script you will find a first section of description, usage and examples. Here is a brief summary of each one:

  • this script is intended to check the free space of a partition and send a notification email in case it surpasses a given threshold.

  • same as the one before, but written in Python for Python lovers! :)

  • clean frozen messages, paniclogs... and start the MTA in a clean manner.

  • just a script to connect a remote server using public key auth. Because I don't like to remembder where things are...

  • determine the optimal block size to write to a USB device.

  • automate the install of the Nvidia privative driver in Debian.

  • easily decompress files with this Python script.

  • change files extensions in a folder.

  • compress and remove files older than X days.

  • modify text strings inside a file.

  • generate /etc/shadow hashes based on a given password.

  • check HTTP status of a list of websites defined in file.

  • allow all communications (iptables off).

  • deny all communications (only loopback allowed).

  • common iptables rules for Linux desktops.

  • check your Linux system with ClamAV, Lynis, Chkrootkit... and send the report in an email.

  • retrieve basic information and statistics from MySQL server.

  • automate tasks in remote servers using paramiko.

  • Create backup of a list of InfluxDB databases.

  • nftables desktop ruleset for IPv4 network traffic.

  • nftables server ruleset for IPv4 network traffic.

All the scripts have been tested in Debian, the distribution that I use as my main operating system.

I will probably upload new scripts, so stay tuned!


All the code in this repository is licensed under GPLv3

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