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Bug Fixes

  • cli: notify the user when the production server is initialized (9973555)
  • cli, core: fix detection of the 'analyze' argument (1981e43)
  • core: display the content for 'Scheduled Maintenance Incidents' (05b0bd1)
  • core: fix referencing the dates lib (0a2fe50)
  • core: fix the font style of the time indicator of each incident (88cb2ae)
  • core: improve dates parsing and formatting (aa32346)
  • docs: fix incorrect flag for start command (#148) (d4b376d)
  • core: fix text wrapping of the system names (637f7bb)
  • core,website: enable subfolder generation on static mode (a94270c)
  • core,website: fix regeneratorRuntime dependencies requirement (2fb0b2e)
  • core: the base url cannot contain a sub-path (e7ce6bc)


  • cli: create the 'delete-incident' command (8aef1f9)
  • cli: create the 'update-incident' command (a22d72a)
  • core: display the end date of the scheduled incidents (858c3ea)
  • core: support defining the position of the scheduled section in the home page (22c85d2)
  • core, docs: explicitly make YAML as the default front matter format (a3a5675)
  • website: configure @bazzite/nuxt-netlify (7e46bd1)
  • officially support Docker 🤓 (289b296)
  • core: create the "days since latest incident" sub-section in the home page (cbaf025)
  • core: new interface translations:
  • website: migrate the blog section to local markdown files (dfa141c)


  • core: deployments under a subpath (e.g. are no longer supported
  • core, docs: the new-incident command no longer asks for the front matter format (a3a5675)

  • For more information on this update, read our blog post.