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2008-05-17 13:06 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: instance.c, m_fusion.c, m_options.c: Now GMM
module uses the analysis parameter of the given AM when "-AM_GMM"
is not explicitly specified. Now output error when GMM has
different sampling rate from AM.
2008-05-13 15:32 sumomo
* jcontrol/jcontrol.c: Flush output after each message.
2008-05-13 15:32 sumomo
* libsent/src/util/readfile.c: Fixed file name prompt to ignore
empty input correctly.
2008-05-09 15:00 sumomo
* libjulius/src/m_usage.c: Grouped the usage messages by the
belonging modules.
2008-05-09 14:59 sumomo
* libjulius/src/m_options.c: New option "-usepower" to use power
instead of magnitude in filterbank analysis.
2008-05-09 14:58 sumomo
* libsent/: include/sent/mfcc.h, src/hmminfo/read_binhmm.c,
src/hmminfo/write_binhmm.c, src/wav2mfcc/mfcc-core.c: Added
support for USEPOWER in filterbank analysis.
2008-05-09 14:57 sumomo
* libsent/src/wav2mfcc/para.c: Add support for USEPOWER. Fixed
-htkconf to assume SOURCERATE=625 (16kHz) if not exist.
2008-05-08 14:45 sumomo
* libjulius/: include/julius/extern.h, src/adin-cut.c,
src/m_adin.c: Add tiny value check for frequency.
2008-05-08 14:44 sumomo
* libsent/src/adin/adin_mic_linux_alsa.c: Fixed failure to startup
when using multiple sound cards on ALSA.
2008-05-08 14:43 sumomo
* libsent/src/adin/adin_file.c: Fixed segfault when failed to open
audio file.
2008-04-27 22:06 sumomo
* libjulius/: include/julius/jconf.h, src/default.c, src/m_info.c,
src/m_options.c, src/m_usage.c, src/search_bestfirst_main.c: Add
an option "-fallback1pass" to use the 1st pass result as final
result when the 2nd pass fails. This was the default on 3.x.
2008-04-27 22:06 sumomo
* libjulius/src/ Update copyright output.
2008-03-28 13:52 sumomo
* libsent/src/adin/adin_mic_linux_alsa.c: Fix ALSA A/D-in to use
device other than "default".
2008-03-28 12:57 sumomo
* julius/record.c: Fixed record sometimes fails.
2008-03-28 12:51 sumomo
* libjulius/src/adin-cut.c: Moved CALLBACK_ADIN_TRIGGERED to adin
2008-03-25 17:12 sumomo
* libjulius/src/pass1.c: Fixed GMM rejection not working well on
microphone input (enbuged on 4.0.1).
2008-03-21 11:59 sumomo
* libsent/src/wav2mfcc/para.c: Add warning when HTK Config given by
"-htkconf" has unsupported values.
2008-03-20 18:08 sumomo
* libsent/: include/sent/ngram2.h, include/sent/util.h,
src/ngram/ngram_access.c, src/ngram/ngram_compact_context.c,
src/ngram/ngram_read_arpa.c, src/ngram/ngram_read_bin.c,
src/ngram/ngram_util.c, src/ngram/ngram_write_bin.c,
src/util/endian.c: Update N-gram codes to (hopefully) allow 64bit
index in the future.
2008-03-20 18:06 sumomo
* julius/: charconv_win32.c, libjcode/jlib.h, libjcode/libjcode.c:
Fixed euc-jp conversion not working on some string.
2008-03-18 02:00 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: adin-cut.c, recogmain.c: Fixed
CALLBACK_EVENT_SPEECH_* call timing when -spsegment/VAD enabled.
2008-03-18 01:59 sumomo
* libjulius/src/, libsent/src/util/confout.c: Fix
2008-03-18 01:58 sumomo
* julius/main.c, julius/output_stdout.c,
libjulius/include/julius/global.h, libjulius/src/callback.c,
libjulius/src/m_options.c, libjulius/src/m_usage.c:
"-callbackdebug" moved from Julius to JuliusLib.
2008-03-14 22:28 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/ngram_compact_context.c: Fixed a bug that
prevents reading big N-gram.
2008-03-12 15:43 tag release_4_0_1
2008-03-12 15:43 sumomo
* 00readme-ja.txt, 00readme.txt, ChangeLog, LICENSE.txt,
Release-ja.txt, Release.txt, libjulius/configure,
libjulius/, libsent/configure, libsent/,
support/ Release of 4.0.1.
2008-03-12 14:48 sumomo
* libjulius/src/pass1.c: Fixed compilation failure enbuged at last
2008-03-10 11:39 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: pass1.c, realtime-1stpass.c, recogmain.c: Fix CMN
not working well on spsegment/GMM-VAD/decoder-VAD mode.
2008-03-02 02:10 sumomo
* libsent/: configure,, include/sent/,
src/adin/adin_mic_linux_alsa.c: Fixed ALSA recording to work.
Many codes are updated.
2008-02-21 13:10 sumomo
* libjulius/src/beam.c: Word recognition results are not correctly
sorted when using "-output N".
2008-02-18 23:35 sumomo
* julius/module.c: Added a module command "GRAMINFO" to return
grammar info.
2008-02-18 23:32 sumomo
* libjulius/src/m_fusion.c: Now -spsegment detects error when pause
word is not defined in dictionary.
2008-02-15 03:26 sumomo
* libsent/src/phmm/mkwhmm.c: Fixed bug of immediate stop when no sp
model in multi-path mode.
2008-02-15 03:25 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: m_info.c, search_bestfirst_v1.c,
search_bestfirst_v2.c, word_align.c: Fixed hungup when sp model
not exist on AM in multipath.
2008-02-14 13:44 sumomo
* libjulius/: include/julius/extern.h, src/multi-gram.c: Changes
for better grammar handling: - multigram_add() returns the newly
assigned grammar id. - a function is added to get grammar id
from name string. - modified STAT message to output grammar name
together with id.
2008-02-14 13:41 sumomo
to specify grammar by name.
2008-02-13 17:49 sumomo
* libjulius/include/julius/extern.h: Updated for some function
2008-02-13 17:48 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: outprob_style.c, search_bestfirst_v1.c,
search_bestfirst_v2.c: Global variables and work area has been
moved to RecogProcess and StackDecode.
2008-02-13 17:47 sumomo
* libjulius/src/wchmm.c: qsort function switched to qsort_reentrant
in libsent for modularity.
2008-02-13 17:46 sumomo
* libjulius/src/confnet.c: Updated for being re-entrant.
2008-02-13 17:45 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: m_jconf.c, m_options.c, ngram_decode.c,
search_bestfirst_main.c: Removed unnecessary static variables in
some functions.
2008-02-13 17:43 sumomo
* libjulius/include/julius/wchmm.h: Work area (lccbuf, lccbuf2)
moved to wchmm.
2008-02-13 17:43 sumomo
* libjulius/include/julius/recog.h: Some global varibables has been
moved to RecogProcess and StackDecode.
2008-02-13 17:42 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: adin-cut.c, beam.c: Removed unnecessary static
variables in functions.
2008-02-13 17:40 sumomo
* libsent/:, include/sent/util.h, src/util/qsort.c: new
qsort function to pass data object to comparison function for
re-entrant usage.
2008-02-13 17:40 sumomo
* libsent/src/hmminfo/: cdset.c, chkhmmlist.c, hmm_lookup.c,
put_htkdata_info.c: Eliminated unnecessary global variables.
2008-02-13 17:38 sumomo
* libsent/include/sent/htk_hmm.h: Set smaller value for
2008-02-06 09:03 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/ngram_read_bin.c: Fixed segfault on reading big
N-gram in binary format.
2008-02-05 17:14 sumomo
* libsent/src/anlz/strip_mfcc.c: Fixed segfault when bogus frame
stripping occur on MFCC input.
2008-01-30 12:49 sumomo
* libjulius/src/: adin-cut.c, m_adin.c: Fixed segfault when using
2008-01-30 09:48 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/: ngram_compact_context.c, ngram_read_arpa.c:
Fixed a bug on N-gram bowt compaction for big N-gram (index >
2008-01-25 15:37 sumomo
* libjulius/src/m_fusion.c, libsent/src/wav2mfcc/ss.c: Add checker
to specify too small value for -sscalc.
2008-01-22 22:01 sumomo
* generate-ngram/, julius/,
julius/charconv_iconv.c, julius/,
libjulius/, libsent/,
libsent/include/sent/stddefs.h: Fixed some tiny problems when
compiling on cygwin / mingw.
2008-01-22 15:02 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/: ngram_compact_context.c, ngram_read_arpa.c:
N-gram back-off compaction behavior changed not to do it when all
entries has valid bo-wt, and also avoid compaction on some cases
they has bo-wt even when upper N-gram does not exist.
2008-01-20 13:37 sumomo
* generate-ngram/ Wrongly commit debug file, revert to
2008-01-20 13:34 sumomo
* generate-ngram/:, generate-ngram.c: Fix incorrect
count (+1) in generating random word.
2008-01-19 16:07 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/ngram_compact_context.c: Fix some output.
2008-01-19 16:07 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/ngram_access.c: Fix uni-gram prob. when
dictionary contains unk word.
2008-01-13 01:28 sumomo
* libjulius/src/search_bestfirst_main.c: Fix wrong message, since
Julius-4 does not output the 1st pass result as final result if
2nd pass failed.
2008-01-10 13:16 sumomo
* libsent/src/ngram/ngram_access.c: Fixed incorrect 2-gram prob at
first pass when using only backward N-gram.
2007-12-23 19:08 sumomo
* libjulius/: include/julius/jconf.h, src/default.c, src/gmm.c,
src/m_info.c, src/m_options.c, src/m_usage.c, src/pass1.c: Fixed
not working GMM VAD. Two options newly added "-gmmup" and
"-gmmdown" to specify GMM up / down trigger.
2007-12-18 23:32 tag release_4_0
2007-12-18 23:32 sumomo
* julius/output_stdout.c, libjulius/src/pass1.c: Fix compilation