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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ Version 4.4 supports stand-alone DNN-HMM support, and several new
tools and bug fixes are included. See the "Release.txt" file for the
full list of updates. Run with "-help" to see full list of options.
# Toolkit and Assets
# Tools and Assets
There are also toolkit and assets to run Julius. They are maintained by the Julius development team. You can get them fron the following Github pages:
@@ -72,6 +72,10 @@ Documents, sample files and conversion tools to use and build a recognition gram
This is a handy toolkit to do phoneme segmentation (aka phoneme alignments) for speech audio file using Julius. Given pairs of speech audio file and its transcription, this toolkit perform Viterbi alignment to get the beginning and ending time of each phoneme. This toolkit is available at [its GitHub page](
## [Prompter](
Prompter is a perl/Tkx based tiny program that displays recognition results of Julius in a scrolling caption style.
# About Models
Since Julius itself is a language-independent decoding program, you can make a recognizer of a language if given an appropriate language model and acoustic model for the target language. The recognition accuracy largely depends on the models. Julius adopts acoustic models in HTK ascii format, pronunciation dictionary in almost HTK format, and word 3-gram language models in ARPA standard format (forward 2-gram and reverse N-gram trained from same corpus).

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