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@@ -9,14 +9,19 @@
# feature type, in HTK parameter specification format
feature_type FBANK_D_A_Z
# julius options to specify the acoustic parameter configuration
# it will be passed to Julius to set feature extractor
# julius options to configure the acoustic parameter extraction.
# This example indicates the typical feature extraction for DNN:
# 1. feature extraction parameter will be loaded from HTK config file
# 2. use CMN/CVN
# 3. load ceptral mean and variance from the specified file
# 4. use the values as static, not update while processing
# The example below indicates that:
# 1. parameters should be loaded from an HTK config file,
# 2. use CMN/CVN,
# 3. load ceptral mean and variance from the specified file,
# 4. keep the cepstral mean/variance static, not update while processing
# the specified string will be expanded inline at the point where this
# dnnconf file is specified by "-dnnconf", and passed to Julius.
# As the same as other options in Julius, the later option will override
# former. Please check the start-up messages to check if the
# feature extraction are correctly set up.
feature_options -htkconf model/dnn/config.lmfb.40ch.jnas -cvn -cmnload model/dnn/norm.jnas -cmnstatic

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