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doc updates for msvc support
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@@ -46,16 +46,14 @@ What's new in Julius-4.6

Julius-4.6 はマイナーリリースです。主な変更点は以下のとおりです。

- DNN-HMM 計算での CUDA サポート
- DNN-HMM 計算での CUDA サポート (Linux + CUDA-8,9,10 でのみ動作確認)
- 1パス文法認識の実装
- DNN-HMM で出力が log10 化されていないモデルのサポート
- 特徴量正規化モードを追加:平均は入力自身、分散は固定値を使うモード
- Visual Studio 2017 対応、julius と adintool 以外もビルド可能に
- Visual Studio 2017 でのビルド全面対応 (msvc/Julius.sln)
- 不具合の修正
- 修正BSDライセンスへ移行

CUDA サポートは Linux でのみ動作確認しています。
CUDA-8.0, 9.0 および 10.2 での動作を確認済みです。
全ての変更の詳細は同梱の Release-ja.txt をご覧ください。

@@ -60,14 +60,13 @@ What's new in Julius-4.6

Julius-4.6 is a minor release with a few new features and many fixes.

- New CUDA support for DNN computation (tested on Linux)
- New CUDA support at DNN computation (tested on Linux / CUDA-8,9,10)
- New 1-pass grammar recognition
- Support non-log10nized state priors in DNN model
- Feature normalization pattern added: mean = input self, variance = static
- Full support for build with Visual Studio 2017.
- Now can build almost all tools with Visual Studio 2017 (msvc/Julius.sln)
- Now delivered under simplified BSD License

The CUDA support was tested on Linux with CUDA-8.0, 9.0 and 10.2.
See Release.txt for full changes and usage example.

@@ -49,6 +49,35 @@ If you want to explicitly choose an audio interface, use `--with-mictype=xxx`.
where "/usr/local/cuda-x.x/" is the location of the CUDA sdk toolkit.
(tested on Ubuntu-16.04 and CUDA-9.0, but later should work)

Visual Studio 2017 / Windows:

Before build, prepare libSDL2 development files:

- Download libSDL2 Development Libraries for Windows from official site.
Direct link:
- Unpack the zip and place the whole content under the "msvc/SDL2" folder.

The content of "msvc/SDL2" should look like:
+- SDL2
+- include
+- lib
+- x64
+- x86

1. Open msvc/Julius.sln
2. Choose build type to "Release"
3. Build the solution

Compiled binaries will be stored in "msvc/Release" folder.

Note that "SDL2.dll" is needed to run "adintool-gui.exe".
Copy "SDL2/lib/x86/SDL2.dll" to the same place of adintool-gui.exe,
into "Release" folder.

Mingw on Ubuntu (tested on 16.04)

@@ -99,20 +128,6 @@ Mingw on cygwin

(tested on cygwin-x86 setup-v2.5.2, 08/31/2016)

Visual Studio:

1. Open msvc/JuliusLib.sln
2. Choose build type to "Release"
3. Build the solution

Compiled binaries will be stored in "msvc/Release" folder.

Build with VisualStudio newer than 2013 update 3.
Older version does not support SIMD FMA instructions. (/ARCH:AVX2)

(tested on VisualStudio 2013 update 5)

Cross-compiling for ARM:

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