Find journey prices using the DB Sparpreise API.
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JavaScript module for finding the cheapest railway connections using the Deutsche Bahn Sparpreise API. Inofficial, using an endpoint by Deutsche Bahn. Ask them for permission before using this module in production.

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npm install db-prices


prices() returns a Promise that will resolve with a list of offers.

const prices = require('db-prices')

prices(from, to, [date], [opt]).then(…)

from and to must be station IDs like '8000105'. date must be a Date object; if empty, the current datetime will be used.

With opt, you can override the default options, which look like this:

	class: 			2, 	// 1st class or 2nd class
	noICETrains: 		false,
	transferTime: 		0, 	// in minutes
	duration: 		1440, 	// search for routes in the next n minutes
	preferFastRoutes: 	true
	travellers: [{ 		// one or more
		bc:	0, 	// BahnCard ID (see
		typ: 	"E", 	// E: adult: K: child; B: baby -- BUG: child and baby dont work ATM
		alter: 	30 	// age


The result will be a list of Friendly Public Transport Format journey objects.

With from = '8000105', to = '8011160' and date = new Date('2016-08-17T00:00:00.000Z'), the result looked like this:

		type: 'journey',
		id: '0',
		origin: {
			type: 'station',
			id: '8000105',
			name: 'Frankfurt(Main)Hbf'
		destination: {
			type: 'station',
			id: '8098160',
			name: 'Berlin Hbf (tief)'
		legs: [{
			origin: {
				type: 'station',
				id: '8000105',
				name: 'Frankfurt(Main)Hbf'
			departure: '2017-06-05T08:53:00.000Z',
			departurePlatform: '13',
			destination: {
				type: 'station',
				id: '8098160',
				name: 'Berlin Hbf (tief)'
			arrival: '2017-06-05T13:17:00.000Z',
			arrivalPlatform: '7',
			line: {
				type: 'line',
				id: 'ice-1537',
				name: 'ICE 1537',
				product: 'ICE'
		price: {
			currency: 'EUR',
			amount: 126,
			discount: false,
			name: 'Flexpreis',
			description: 'Fully flexible (not bound to a specific train / not dependent on the connection indicated on the selected route). Exchanges and refunds free of charge; on or after the first day of validity subject to a fee.'
		nightTrain: false

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If you found a bug, want to propose a feature or feel the urge to complain about your life, feel free to visit the issues page.

Cheers to Jannis R for contributing.