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JavaScript client for the tallink API.
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JavaScript client for the tallink ferry journey API. Complies with the friendly public transport format (FPTF 0.0). Inofficial, using endpoints by Tallink. Ask them for permission before using this module in production.

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npm install tallink


const tallink = require('tallink')

The tallink module bundles two methods: stations() and journeys() which follow FPTF 0.0.


tallink network. Returns a Promise that resolves in a list of all stations:


would give you

	{type: "station", id: "hel", name: "Helsinki"},
	{type: "station", id: "tal", name: "Tallinn"},
	{type: "station", id: "sto", name: "Stockholm"},
	{type: "station", id: "tur", name: "Turku"},
	{type: "station", id: "rig", name: "Riga"},
	{type: "station", id: "ala", name: "Åland"},
	{type: "station", id: "vis", name: "Visby"}

journeys(originID, destinationID, startDate, endDate, opt)

Find journeys for a given time period (in days). Returns a Promise that resolves in a list of matching journeys.

tallink.journeys(originID, destinationID, startDate, endDate, opt).then(…)
	'tal', // Tallinn
	'hel', // Helsinki
	new Date('2017-03-02T00:00:00'),
	new Date('2017-03-05T00:00:00'), // setting this to the same day as startDate would give you results for a single day
	// default options
		locale: 'en', // route name language
		country: 'DE',
		includeOvernight: true

would give you

		type: "journey",
		id: "1565203",
		routeInfo: {
			id: "tal-hel",
			name: "Tallinn-Helsinki"
		overnight: false,
		legs: [{
			origin: {
				type: "station",
				id: "tal",
				pier: "DTER"
			destination: {
				type: "station",
				id: "hel",
				pier: "LSA2"
			departure: "2017-03-02T07:30:00.000Z", // Date() Object
			arrival: "2017-03-02T09:30:00.000Z", // Date() Object
			ship: "MEGASTAR",
			rooms: true,
			operator: "tallink",
			mode: "ferry",
			public: true
		price: {
			amount: 36,
			currency: "EUR"


If you found a bug, want to propose a feature or feel the urge to complain about your life, feel free to visit the issues page.

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