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@julmon julmon released this Mar 27, 2019

Change log:

  • Add active connections to summary (@crisnamurti)
  • Add application_name (@michelmilezzi)
  • Doc update about system info + examples (@Krysztophe)
  • More consistent version comparission (@nseinlet)
  • New option to avoid total db sizes (@nseinlet)
  • Add PGSERVICE support (@julmon)
  • New option to change queries display mode on start (Fabio Renato Geiss)
  • Save running queries list as CSV with --output option (@julmon)
  • Try to reconnect to PostgreSQL cluster (@julmon)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix #76: cast client column to text and return 'local' if null (@julmon)
  • Fix #75: state column does not exist with postgres prior to 9.2 (@julmon)
  • Fix #74: ignore psutil warnings when fetching memory stats (@julmon)
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