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module Main where
import Data.Char
import Data.Int
import Data.List
import Data.Array
import qualified Data.ByteString as L
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as C
import Text.Regex.TDFA
import System.IO
--import Data.IO
main = do
--contents <- L.readFile "../data/dbo.AgentActivityLog.sql.clean.unix"
hIn <- openFile "../data/dbo.CallDetail.clean.ungo" ReadMode
hOut <- openFile "../data/dbo.CallDetail.clean.ungo.dated.sql" WriteMode
--hSetNewlineMode hIn NewlineMode { inputNL = CRLF, outputNL = CRLF }
--hSetNewlineMode hOut NewlineMode { inputNL = CRLF, outputNL = CRLF }
parseFile hIn hOut empty
hClose hIn
hClose hOut
parseFile :: Handle -> Handle -> String -> IO ()
parseFile inFile outFile acc =
do inEof <- hIsEOF inFile
if inEof
then return ()
else do line <- hGetLine inFile
if (isPrefixOf "INSERT" line)
let acc_ = acc ++ ";"
let lineToParse = C.pack acc_
let parsedLine = C.unpack $ parseLine lineToParse
--putStrLn parsedLine
hPutStrLn outFile parsedLine
parseFile inFile outFile line
parseFile inFile outFile (acc ++ "\n" ++ line)
parseLine :: L.ByteString -> L.ByteString
parseLine line =
-- pattern of type '20110629 05:00:25:000' 213 6 51 01 76 22
let timestampPattern = "'[0-9]{8} ([0-9]{2}:){3}[0-9]{3}'"
lOffLen = getAllMatches (line =~ timestampPattern :: AllMatches [] (Int, Int))
-- for each timestamp that matches in a line, insert -
-- we start from the last pattern that match to be able to modify the line using all
-- the (off, len) (if we start from begin, the (off,len) are nor more good after 1st replace)
in fst $ mapAccumL replacePatternInLine line (reverse lOffLen)
replacePatternInLine :: L.ByteString -> (Int, Int) -> (L.ByteString, (Int, Int))
replacePatternInLine line (off_, len_) =
let tiret = C.singleton '-'
off = fromIntegral off_
slice from to l = L.take (to-from+1) (L.drop from l)
-- insert tiret in 2011-06-29, and remove milliseconds :000
in (L.concat [L.take (off+5) line, tiret, slice (off+5) (off+6) line, tiret, slice (off+7) (off+17) line, L.drop (off+22) line], (off_, len_))
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