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Feature-based image registration in structured light endoscopy

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This repository named endolas contains a deep learning-based image registration for structured light endoscopy. The method was developed with the use of laryngeal recordings to classify keypoints that are projected by a laser (features). Therefore the name endolas is a composition of the words endoscope and laser. The approach contains a preprocessing step in which a semantic segmentation is performed to localize keypoints. The image registration is then performed to transform the irregularly placed keypoints into a regularly placed grid. In a postprocessing step, a nearest neighbor approach and a sorting algorithm are used to classifiy individual keypoints. The implementation resides in the package endolas and demonstration is provided in demo. Further, the dataset LASTEN, which was used for training and evaluation, is given in data.


  1. Download the repository.
  2. Activate your desired python environment containing at least Python 3.7.
  3. Within the repository, run the with:
pip install . 

The package endolas will now be installed in your environment including resources and additionally required packages.


  • To perform the registration including pre- and postprocessing, please see the registration.ipynb example in the demonstration. The method uses several modules as shown in the figure below. Registration

  • Data can be synthetically generated or augmented with the help of the script synthesis.ipynb.

  • The deep neural network of the registration can be trained with the aid of training.ipynb.

  • To understand how the loss of the registration is computed, the shows details about the implementation. Further the nearest neighbor and sorting algorithm, which are required in the postprocessing, are provided in and


Feature-based image registration in structured light endoscopy







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