Minimalist OpenID Connect client
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PHP OpenID Connect Basic Client

A simple library that allows an application to authenticate a user through the basic OpenID Connect flow. This library hopes to encourage OpenID Connect use by making it simple enough for a developer with little knowledge of the OpenID Connect protocol to setup authentication.

A special thanks goes to Justin Richer and Amanda Anganes for their help and support of the protocol.


  1. PHP 5.4 or greater
  2. CURL extension
  3. JSON extension


  1. Install library using composer
composer require jumbojett/openid-connect-php:0.1.*
  1. Include composer autoloader
require '/vendor/autoload.php';

Example 1: Basic Client

$oidc = new OpenIDConnectClient('',
$name = $oidc->requestUserInfo('given_name');

See openid spec for available user attributes

Example 2: Dynamic Registration

$oidc = new OpenIDConnectClient("");

$client_id = $oidc->getClientID();
$client_secret = $oidc->getClientSecret();

// Be sure to add logic to store the client id and client secret

Example 3: Network and Security

// Configure a proxy

// Configure a cert

Example 4: Request Client Credentials Token

$oidc = new OpenIDConnectClient('',

// this assumes success (to validate check if the access_token property is there and a valid JWT) :
$clientCredentialsToken = $oidc->requestClientCredentialsToken()->access_token;

Development Environments

In some cases you may need to disable SSL security on on your development systems. Note: This is not recommended on production systems.



  • Dynamic registration does not support registration auth tokens and endpoints