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A simple Blue Light Filter for X
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A simple Blue Light Filter for X

blugon is a simple and fast Blue Light Filter, that is highly configurable and provides a command line interface. The program can be run just once or as a daemon (manually or via systemd). There are several different backends available. blugon calculates the screen color from your local time and configuration.

blugon-comparison blugon-simulation


You can start blugon from the command line:


To run it in the background just use:

(blugon&)         # to start
killall blugon    # to stop

To run blugon with systemd you can enable the service as user:

systemctl --user enable blugon.service

You can use the current-mode to manually control color temperature (with keybinds for example; doesn't need daemon):

blugon --setcurrent="+600"    # for more blue
blugon --setcurrent="-600"    # for more red

For further help you can use the -h flag or the more intensive man-page:

man blugon


  • -o or --once to apply gamma values of the current time
  • -S or --setcurrent to set or change the current color temperature
  • -s or --simulation to quickly simulate the configuration for the whole day
  • -f or --fade to fade in screen color on startup
  • -i [secs] or --interval=[secs] to set time between refreshes
  • -c [path] or --configdir=[path] to specify configuration directory
  • -b [backend] or --backend=[backend] to choose the backend for communication with X

available backends:

  • xgamma - most compatible, requires optional dependency
  • scg - best result
  • tty - to run blugon on your TTY


Examples for configurations can be found in /usr/share/blugon/configs/.

To use the default configuration as a template you can use:

mkdir -p ~/.config/blugon/
cp /usr/share/blugon/configs/default/gamma ~/.config/blugon/gamma
blugon --printconfig > ~/.config/blugon/config


  • python
  • libx11
  • libxrandr


  • xorg-xgamma as backend


For ArchLinux users I am maintaining an AUR-Package.

If you are on Linux you can build and install:

make install    # as root

To change the target directory of the installation use the following and change /usr/local to the desired directory:

make PREFIX=/usr/local
make install PREFIX=/usr/local

Configuration is supposed to be done after installing.


Feel free to Fork, create Issues and make Pull Requests.

I am looking forward to finding Package Maintainers and will happily accept improvements in the source code.

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