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The link to the service 2Captcha

The description of the service - antikapchu service manual image recognition, there are those who need real-time to recognize text from scanned documents, forms, and captures those who want to earn on entering text from the screen.

The system works the Russian-speaking and English-speaking staff.

Tuning anticaptcha not only supports API standard on par with pixodrom services, antigate, anti-captcha and others, but also provides advanced functional replenishing at each round of combat automation. API RuCaptcha supports the decision ReCaptcha v2 (where you need to click on the pictures), ClickCaptcha (where you need to click on certain points) and Rotatecaptcha (FunCaptcha other CAPTCHA, you need to twist).


Starting from 0.5 USD for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs

Description recognition

Decrypt the captcha with image. You must specify a file with a picture or a link to it.


The preferred way to install this extension via composer.

Or you can run

composer require --prefer-dist jumper423/decaptcha "*"

or add

"jumper423/decaptcha": "*"

in file composer.json.


Initialization Specify the key mandatory and optional parameters. Try the best to fill this promotes more rapid recognition of captcha.

use jumper423\decaptcha\services\TwoCaptcha;

$captcha = new TwoCaptcha([
    TwoCaptcha::ACTION_FIELD_KEY => '94f39af4bb295c40546fba5c932e0d32',

Recognition In the first parameter, pass the link or path to the picture file in the second parameters of the recognition if necessary, override those which were transferred during the initialization.

if ($captcha->recognize('')) {
    $code = $captcha->getCode();
} else {
    $error = $captcha->getError();

Not correctly recognized If You can understand that the answer which did not come true. Be sure to add below written code. It will save You money.



$balance = $captcha->getBalance();

Intercept errors If you wish, You can catch the error, but you need to call setCauseAnError


try {
    $code = $captcha->getCode();
} catch (\jumper423\decaptcha\core\DeCaptchaErrors $e) {

A description of the fields

Name Code Type Req. By def. Possible values Description
Picture ACTION_FIELD_FILE MIX + The path to the picture file or link to it
A few words ACTION_FIELD_PHRASE INTEGER - 0 0 - one word; 1 - captcha has two words The worker must enter text with one or more spaces
Register ACTION_FIELD_REGSENSE INTEGER - 0 0 - the case of the answer is irrelevant; 1 - the register response value The worker must enter the answer case sensitive
Characters ACTION_FIELD_NUMERIC INTEGER - 0 0 - parameter not used; 1 - captcha consists only of digits; 2 - captcha consists only of letters; 3 - captcha consists of either only numbers or only letters What are the symbols used in captcha
Length min ACTION_FIELD_MIN_LEN INTEGER - 0 The minimum length of captcha
Length max ACTION_FIELD_MAX_LEN INTEGER - 0 The maximum length of the captcha
Language ACTION_FIELD_LANGUAGE INTEGER - 0 0 - parameter not used; 1 - the captcha only Cyrillic letters; 2 - displayed in a CAPTCHA latin characters only The symbols of the language posted on the captcha
Question ACTION_FIELD_QUESTION INTEGER - 0 0 - parameter not used; 1 - the employee must write the answer The image asked, the employee must write the answer
Calculation ACTION_FIELD_CALC INTEGER - 0 0 - parameter not used; 1 - the worker needs to perform a mathematical operation with captcha The captcha shows matematicheskaya expression and must be addressed
Cross-domain ACTION_FIELD_HEADER_ACAO INTEGER - 0 0 - the default value; 1 - in.php will transfer Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * parameter in response header Need for cross-domain AJAX requests in browser-based applications.
Manual ACTION_FIELD_INSTRUCTIONS STRING - Text captcha or manual to pass the captcha.
Response to ACTION_FIELD_PINGBACK STRING - Note to server, after recognizing the image, you need to send a reply to the specified address.