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This extension allows you to use Google Base to list products for free that will appear in Google Product Search (

Learn more about Google Base


  1. Create google base account. Create google base ftp account (if applicable). Create data feed in google base with a type "Products" and name "google_base.xml".

  2. Install the extension with one of the following commands

    Add gem "spree_google_base" Run bundle install Run rake db:migrate Run rake spree_google_base:install

  3. Edit product_type, priorities in spree admin (/admin/taxon_map).

  4. Set preferences in spree admin panel (/admin/google_base_settings) for the feed title, public domain, feed description, ftp login and password. FTP login is not required - you may schedule upload from the public directory.

  5. Issue the command 'rake spree_google_base:generate' to generate feed. Verify feed exists (YOUR_APP_ROOT/public/google_base.xml).


You can modify fields set for export and list of 'g:' attributes. Look at config/initializers/google_base.rb You can override values of GOOGLE_BASE_ATTR_MAP and GOOGLE_BASE_FILTERED_ATTRS arrays with help of Array#delete, Array#delete_at, Array#<<, Array#+=, etc. Also you can override methods from product_decorator.rb in your site extension.


There are two options to regulate google base product update:

A) Setup cronjobs to run 'rake spree_google_base:generate' and 'rake spree_google_base:transfer'

Development of this extension is sponsored by End Point and by FCP Groton.

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