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Spree Installer

Until the release of Spree 1.0 you must use the --edge option

Command line utility to create new Spree store applications and extensions

See the main spree project:


gem install spree_cmd

This will make the command line utility 'spree' available.

You can add Spree to an existing rails application

rails new my_app
spree install my_app


To build a new Spree Extension, you can run

spree extension my_extension


If you want to accept all the defaults pass --auto_accept

spree install my_store --edge --auto_accept

to use a local clone of Spree, pass the --path option

spree install my_store --path=../spree


  • --auto_accept - answer yes to all questions
  • --edge - to use the edge version of Spree
  • --path=../spree - to use a local version of spree
  • --branch=my_changes or --ref=23423423423423 or --tag=my_tag

Older Versions of Spree

Versions of the Spree gem before 1.0 included a spree binary. If you have one of these installed in your gemset, then you can alternatively use the command line utility "spree_cmd". For example "spree_cmd install my_app".

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