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.net wrapper notes

This document describes the .net language binding for the MapGuide API

Differences from the official .net binding

  • General
    • This binding is back to being a monolithic assembly. A split assembly layout is not possible due to missing types in .net Core that made this possible in the full framework (eg. AppDomain)
    • This assembly is not strong named.
    • In line with the .net core build system, the unit of consumption is a nuget package.
    • The nuget package is completely portable and self-contained. It contains both x86 and x64 windows binaries (and also includes a native interop binary for Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit) and because it targets netstandard2.0 it can be used in both .net Core and Full Framework.
      • For full .net Framework, the package includes a MSBuild .targets file that will ensure that in the consuming project, the supporting windows binaries are copied to the project's output directory
        • The project must be explicitly set to build for x86 or x64 (and not AnyCPU) for supporting binaries to be copied.
    • If you intend to develop/deploy your .net application on .net Core on Linux, the only supported Linux distro is the one that official MapGuide binaries are provided for: Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. The nuget package includes the necessary native interop library.
  • API
    • General
      • The (IntPtr cPtr, bool memOwn) constructor signature is no longer public. This was always for SWIG internal use and should not be public.
    • MgColor
      • There is no overload that accepts System.Drawing.Color as a parameter. (System.Drawing does not exist in .net core)
    • MgStringCollection
      • Implements IList<string>
      • Optional constructor no longer takes a StringCollection, but a IEnumerable<string>
      • Implicit conversion operators have been removed
  • New APIs
    • MgReadOnlyStream: A convenience System.IO.Stream adapter over any MgByteReader instance.