@jumpinjackie jumpinjackie released this Aug 2, 2018

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Release 6.0m10 (

  • Fusion editor changes
    • Updated Google Maps base URL
    • Added XYZ layer editor support
      • Editor support for adding an existing Tile Set Definition (using XYZ provider)
      • The XYZ layer editor is also the recommended way to consume alternate OSM tile sets (whether 3rd party or self-hosted)
  • RtMapInspector improvements
    • Option to see rendered map image of current view/scale
    • Option to inspect selected layers to:
      • See its XML (read-only)
      • Inspect its feature source (using same components as Feature Source Preview)
  • Now targeting .net Framework 4.7.1 for better netstandard2.0 compatibility. Windows installer updated to check for this version.
  • Updated NetTopologySuite and GeoAPI to their latest respective stable releases
  • MgTileSeeder now targets .net Core 2.1