@jumpinjackie jumpinjackie released this Nov 16, 2017

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Release 6.0m8 (

UPDATE (23/11/2017): The 6.0m8 linux package of MgTileSeeder was prepared incorrectly and has been subsequently pulled and replaced with a fixed ( linux package

  • New: MgTileSeeder, a new tile cache seeder which is the successor to MgCooker
  • API: Now targeting net461/netstandard2.0
  • API: Primary acquisition method is now via NuGet packages
    • No SDK package/examples for this release.
  • API: HTTP provider now integrated into MaestroAPI itself. ConnectionProviders.xml only needed if using other connection providers.
  • API: Most MemoryStreams are now pooled to reduce GC pressure
  • Fix: Basic line styles trashed on cancellation of the Edit Style dialog
  • Fix: Can now read configuration documents where FDO-related attributes have incorrect casing
  • Fix: No-op map viewer rendering requests if any display parameter is <= 0
  • Fix: Disable local map preview if connecting to a MapGuide Server older than 2.1
  • Fix: Installer now installs vcredist so that (mg-desktop) local connection mode will work out of the box
  • Fix: Fusion editor no longer adds obsolete element when adding Bing Maps layers
  • Fix: Gracefully handle invalid resources with open editors
  • Fix: A long standing annoyance where setting WMS bounds will set the coordinate system to EPSG:???? requiring you to manually enter in the EPSG code. This should now be automatic most of the time.
    • Automatically set bounds will also be auto-transformed to EPSG:4326 if required
  • Now uses ICSharpCode.TextEditor for dialog to edit raw resource header XML
  • Added new "feature count" tool that provides feature totals for thematic rules in a layer
  • User and Developer guides now moved online to GitHub Pages
  • New MgTileSeeder tool which will eventually be the successor to MgCooker
    • Supports XYZ tile seeding
  • Various external library updates
    • DockPanel 3.0.1
    • NetTopologySuite 1.15 (pre-release)