@jumpinjackie jumpinjackie released this May 9, 2018

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Release 6.0m9 (

  • New dedicated feature source editor for the OGR provider
  • Added support converting SHP feature sources to equivalent OGR feature sources
  • MgTileSeeder improvements:
    • Failed requests can be logged out to a failed requests log
    • New replay command to re-run requests from a failed request log
    • Configurable max degrees of parallelism
  • Added support for mapguide-react-layout
    • Default Flexible Layout no longer contains widgets incompatible with mapguide-react-layout. Most of these are really esoteric anyways, no one will really notice.
    • New preference for specifying the base URL of a mapguide-react-layout installation. If specified, this will unlock a whole set of additional viewer URLs for preview in the Web and Flexible Layout editors.
  • Fix: Rename resource with "update references" checked will disregard overwrite flag
  • Fix: NRE when ticking a new geometry type and adding a rule to the grid for the first time in Layer Definition editor
  • Fix: MgInvalidRepositoryTypeException when validating layers
  • Fix: Editing default path in line usage context in Symbol Definition editor does nothing
  • Fix: Cannot browse symbol definiton parameters in any field of the Path editor dialog