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This repo contains an example of a customized mapguide-react-layout viewer bundle.

This custom viewer bundle uses the mapguide-react-layout npm module and demonstrates:

  • Custom script commands
  • Custom viewer templates
  • Custom components
  • Custom application state
    • Custom state branch
    • Custom state reducer function (and registration)
    • UI that subscribes and manipulates this custom application state through standard redux APIs


  • MapGuide Open Source 3.0 or higher (or equivalent version of Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server) with the default Sheboygan sample data set loaded.
  • node.js 6.x or newer
  • Optional: Yarn package manager

Running this example

  1. Clone this repository. For ease of getting started, clone this repo into MapGuide's www directory with the clone directory named sample:
    • C:\Program Files\OSGeo\MapGuide\Web\www\sample on Windows
    • /usr/local/mapguideopensource-x.y.z/webserverextensions/www/sample on Linux
  2. Install the required packages: yarn install or npm install
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Build the viewer in development mode:
      • yarn run build:dev
      • npm run build:dev
    • Build the viewer in development mode and have webpack continually watch the source files:
      • yarn run watch:dev
      • npm run watch:dev
    • Build the viewer in production mode:
      • yarn run build
      • npm run build
  4. Load the example Application Definition resources/React.xml into your site repository. If you have MapGuide Maestro, you can just drag and drop this file into the Site Explorer. For this example, make sure the Application Definition document is in Samples/Sheboygan/FlexibleLayouts
  5. Launch the custom viewer bundle using the sample template:
    • http://servername/mapguide/sample/sample_template.html?resource=Library://Samples/Sheboygan/FlexibleLayouts/React.ApplicationDefinition

Features demonstrated in this example

  • Consuming mapguide-react-layout as a npm module
  • Using a modern web frontend development setup with:
    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Webpack
  • Loading the viewer in a custom viewer template sample_template.html
  • The View as KML custom script command
  • Sub-classing ApplicationViewModel to register custom redux reducer functions for custom redux application state (messages)
  • The Demo Component InvokeURL using the component:// pseudo-URI scheme to load the custom demo component into the Task Pane
    • Use of custom redux actions to push messages to a custom application state branch
  • The Message Component which displays messages from the custom application state branch