MapGuide Data Package using open data from City of Melbourne
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This is an example MapGuide Data Package using open data from City of Melbourne


All data from City of Melbourne licensed under CC BY 3.0 AU

Map icons courtesy of Map Icons Collection and licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA

This MapGuide data package and its resources are licensed under CC BY 3.0 AU

Datasets Used

For convenience, all mentioned datasets are included in this repo to simplify the package build process (CC permits redistrubtion and re-mixing of data licensed under it)


Where applicable, extraneous files (*.sbn, *.sbx, *.xml) have been removed from the original SHP "file" in this repo


All CSV datasets below are converted to SQLite via ogr2ogr.

The original source CSV files are included in this repo un-modified.

VRT configuration files to allow ogr2ogr to convert to SQLite are also included in this repository


The build environment assumes a Windows operating system.

For preparing and building the data package:

Supported versions of MapGuide:


  1. Ensure GDAL/OGR binaries and the 7z command-line executable are in the PATH environment variable
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run build.bat to build the MapGuide data package from the source data files

How this dataset is constructed/updated

  1. All the SHP files are loaded into MapGuide via MapGuide Maestro
  2. All the CSV files are converted into SQLite via ogr2ogr. The converted SQLite files are loaded into MapGuide via Maestro.
  3. Maestro was used to author up all the various layers, styles, maps, symbols and application configurations.
  4. The resulting set of resources was then packaged up into a MGP file via the MapGuide Site Administrator.
  5. The contents of this MGP package has been extracted into the Package subdirectory of this repo (so our XML-based resources can be version controlled).
  6. Package assembly can now be done outside of MapGuide by copying the relevant source SHP files and converting the relevant source CSV files with ogr2ogr. A new package file can be created by creating a new zip archive of the Package subdirectory and renaming the .zip extension to .mgp