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JumpScale 9

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JumpScale is a cloud automation product and a branch from what used to be Pylabs. About 9 years ago Pylabs was the basis of a cloud automation product which was acquired by SUN Microsystems from Q-Layer. In the mean time we are 4 versions further and we have rebranded it to JumpScale.

About JumpScale9 Core

The core module provides the bare framework into which other modules of JumpScale plug into.

Of these provided tools are, most notably:

  • Config Manager The config manager is a secure way to manage configuration instances. Anything saved to the file system is NACL encrypted and only decrypted on the fly when accessed.
  • Executors JumpScale comes with its own executors that abstract working locally or remotely. Of these executors:

    • SSH Executor (for remote execution)
    • Local Executor (for local execution)
    • Docker Executor (for executing on dockers)

Installing JumpScale9 Core

tested on osx, ubuntu 16.04, ubuntu 17.04 (will upgrade brew as part of the process on OSX)

install using bash tools

#to define branch:
export JS9BRANCH="development"
curl$JS9BRANCH/$RANDOM > /tmp/;bash /tmp/

to follow the install

tail -f /tmp/zutils.log

to test that it worked:


Install using pip3

mkdir -p /opt/code/github/jumpscale
pip3 install -e git+ --src /opt/code/github/jumpscale/


  • The jsshell in your terminal, type js9
  • In Python

    python3 -c 'from js9 import j;print(j.application.getMemoryUsage())'

    the default mem usage < 23 MB and lazy loading of the modules.


How to run a sandbox of jumpscale and python Check Documentation