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tmux.conf: disable wrong option

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1 parent 0cdee90 commit 3bfa5a34ca3703b9967862f50c1dded0e4ac3f13 @jumski committed Mar 14, 2012
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@@ -28,15 +28,15 @@ set -g detach-on-destroy off
# open a man page in new window
bind m command-prompt "split-window -h 'exec man %%'"
+# open a man page in new window
+#bind C new-window; split-window -h
# open alsamixer
bind v split-window -h 'alsamixer'
# open htop
bind h split-window -v 'htop'
-# open htop
-bind g exec 'mocp -G'
# Set status bar
set -g status-bg green
set -g status-fg black

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