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Originally created by Muness Alrubaie, totally rewritten by
Author: Alec Thomas <>
Maintainer: Steffen Hoffmann <>
tractags-0.7 (not yet released)
resolved issues
* #1960: Tags from Tickets / Milestones split into multiple tags
* #2424: Lost wiki change when commiting tag changes
* #2493: Wiki page names can be in Unicode
* #2714: tractags.api.TagSystem.delete_tags broken
* #2749: ListTagged in 0.6 doesn't give title of wiki pages from first heading
by adding new method describe_tagged_resource
Note: This is a '''tag provider API change'''.
* #2939: Requirement.parse('Genshi==dev,>')
* #3145: Create New Wiki Page with a Tag
* #3206: Edit wiki page content and tag
* #3359: Tickets tags don't work when using MySQL 4.x
* #3753: Carry over tags from PageTemplates/ (was: TagIt macro)
* #3864: Unchecked permissions/restrictions for list of available tag realms
* #3983: ListTagged broken for tags starting with 'or'
* #4078: Bring back the mincount functionality for the TagCloud macro
* #4164: Wiki pages without tags have no tag styles
* #4223: Bad CSS interpretation with IE
* #4277: Support for MySQL
* #4503: Performance issues
mitigated by
* mirroring ticket tags into normalized `tags` db table
* caching `get_tagged_resources` for tickets
* optionally skipping fine-grained view permission tests for tickets
* using resource-less tag counters for tags-only tasks (i.e. tag cloud)
* #4996: TagsPlugin fails on upgrading
* #5345: TracError: The Trac Environment needs to be upgraded
* #5575: UnicodeEncodeError on Japanese tag
* #5714: No documentation on WikiMacros page
* #7857: Regression in Tag query functionality
* #8352: Chinese character in wiki name cause UnicodeEncodeError
* #8684: Unexpected keyword argument 'tags_link'
* #8995: Some missing HTML on wiki edit page
* #9023: Remove superflous error message about wiki_namespace
* #9057: Tags with single quote not tokenised correctly
* #9059: Various fixes and enhancements (detailed in #9060 - #9064)
* #9060: Query results are duplicated when realm-selection is repeated
* #9062: Wiki-page level-1-title broken on 0.12
* #9210: /tags page should not have a contextual navigation link 'Cloud'
* #9521: New install impossible on Trac 0.13dev
by adding generic db schema upgrade support
* #11096: Avoid an `OperationalError: too many SQL variables
* #11152: Tags are not supported on the 'wiki' realm
* #11302: AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'id'
* TagsQuery now supports a context object
* refactor cloud rendering so it can be used by other plugins
* fix regression related to missing IWikiChangeListener
* ensure tags stylesheet is added for macros
* log warning for tag providers that don't implement describe_tagged_resource
* add plugin author email to display something at Trac 0.11 plugin admin page
* fix an AttributeError specific to the 0.6 release since [2953]
* fix an Error for `TagCloud` macro when being called without arguments
* improve formatting of header for `tag_view.html` page template
* do TagSystem class API cleanup by moving db access to model layer
new features
* #2509: Create wiki page from /tags/<tag> page
* #2708: Add rel-tag microformat to tags list
* #3610: ListTagged macro should have distinct formatting of closed tickets
* #3754: Tag redirects to existing wiki page instead of listing tagged pages
* #3851: TAGS_VIEW not showing page tags along for anonymous
* #4799: TagCloud should optionally be case-insensitive
by adding a new option `cloud_caseless_sort`
* #7787: Add i18n support
* #8638: Should implement wiki_page_renamed of IWikiChangeListener interface
* #9058: Let `TAGS_MODIFY` inherited `TAGS_VIEW` for intuitive permissions
* #9061: Mass tag replacement functionality with tagged realm filtering
* #9063: Allow excluding realms from queries by default
* #9064: More rendering options for ListTagged macro and tag-handler
* #9194: Add unittest and functional test infrastructure
* #9636: Exclude PageTemplates from tag-extraction
by adding an optional filter argument to ITagProvider.get_tagged_resources
* render_cloud() now passes a percent to renderers instead of font pixel size
* add `ignore_closed_tickets` option: skip closed tickets when collecting tags
* remove redundant JavaScript files
* move generic code from TagCloud into new TagSystem.get_all_tags() method
* widened Wiki tag input field slightly
* prepare translatable macro documentation
* fix a warning message for old TagsQuery syntax (<= tractags-0.5)
* let `describe_tagged_resource` method for tickets use Trac core with i18n
* review and improve code according to PEP 8, SQL statement's formatting too
* add pager for ListTagged, if matches exceed `listtagged_items_per_page`
* add more unit tests
ToDo: add more historic entries
tractags-0.6 - a total code rewrite (21-Jan-2008)
tractags-0.5 - Trac 0.11 support (31-Dec-2007)
tractags-0.4.1 (06-Jun-2007)
tractags-0.4 (19-Apr-2006)
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