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Changes in 1.1.1:
- Fixed a major bug affecting 64-bit Windows platforms.
- Checked build with R-2.14.0.
- Fixed minor check warning and note on some platforms.
- Expanded generic HTTP server capability.
- Added http_response and http_vars functions.
- Expanded vignette.
Significant changes in package version 1.1.0:
- We rebuilt the package from the ground-up, removing the dependency on the
libwebsockets C library, and instead implementing the websockets protocol
mostly in R.
- The older IETF-00 protocol supported by the previous package versions
as well as newer protocols up to at least -15 are now supported.
- All features related to "cookies" have been removed. Sorry if this breaks
something. It's easy enough to replicate that functionality directly in R.
- THE CALLBACK FUNCTIONS HAVE CHANGED: there are only three (established,
receive, and closed) and their parameters are different. SEE THE set_callback
- Each websocket server has an R environment associated with it. The environment
contains a list of connected client websockets and all other data required
by the server.
- There are new functions for serving static web pages from files or strings.
- We added a websocket client function too.
- The license has changed from GPL-2 to LGPL-3.
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