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A collection of Jupyter Notebooks referencing 3E

This is an attempt to show how to use Notebooks to retrieve and analyse data in Thomson Reuter's Elite 3E Time and Billing software application. These notebooks will not work from GitHub. The reader must download and import into their own Jupyter Notebook software. In some cases, like the PDFExtract Notebook, there is no connection to 3E.

I've experienced and read about GitHub having issues displaying Jupyter Notebooks, so there is a second link for each which launches out to Jupyter's Notebook viewer using the source here on GitHub.

I invite you to create an issue using the GitHub Issues tracker if anything is worded oddly, outright wrong, or could have further clarification. These are mostly written in the hours between putting kids to bed and drifting off to sleep.


2019-09-17 Interacting with SQL | Jupyter NBViewer
2019-09-19 Run a Report | Jupyter NBViewer
2019-10-08 Create Aged WIP Graph | Jupyter NBViewer
2019-10-11 Create a Word Doc | Jupyter NBViewer
2019-11-01 Chrome River Invoice Image | Jupyter NBViewer
2019-11-02 Integrating Chrome River with Elite 3E | Juptyer NBViewer
2020-01-10 Send Clubhouse.IO Story Digest | Jupyter NBViewer
2020-10-02 Extract Tablular Data from PDF | Jupyter NBViewer
2020-12-04 Obtaining Crystal Report Files from 3E | Jupyter NBViewer
2021-03-04 Merging Multiple PDFS from Chrome River XML Export | Jupyter NBViewer


Collection of Notebooks Illustrating Python and 3E




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