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Avoiding Version Chaos in a Multi-Version World

Slides and code from presentations to:

  • Mississippi PowerShell User Group, January 2016
  • PowerShell Saturday Tampa, March 2016
  • PowerShell Conference Asia, October 2016

Beginning in PowerShell 5.0, you can install multiple versions of the same module on the same computer -- in the same directory or different directories -- and you can import all of them at the same time.

You can have multiple commands with the same name in different modules and modules with the same names.

Also, the pace of PowerShell development has exploded from every three years to frequent Windows Updates and even daily updates in open source. Open-sourced PowerShell for Windows, Mac, and Linux add the possibility of multiple parallel packages of PowerShell outside of the Microsoft brand.

What could go wrong? A lot, especially if you are writing shared code that will run on systems that you can't control and might not anticipate.

The opportunities are fantastic, so we don't want to avoid a multi-version world; we want to embrace it. We just want to avoid the chaos that might ensu

This presentation shows you how to:

  • Select the version of PowerShell you need
  • Import the version of the module that you want
  • Run the command that you intend

##Repo Contents

This repository contains the following slides and code:

####Getting PowerShell Versions

####Getting Module Versions

####Get the Required Command

####Related Scripts

##Additional Resources: Here is a list of blog posts and other resources on this topic.