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Discover Movies and TV shows - React Native
JavaScript Objective-C Java Python
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Discover Movies and TV shows


Download APK file

What's included

Name Description
React Native Build Native Mobile Apps using JavaScript and React.
React Native Navigation App-wide support for 100% native navigation with an easy cross-platform interface.
Redux Predictable state container for JavaScript apps.
Redux Thunk Thunk middleware for Redux
ESLint The pluggable linting utility for JavaScript and JSX



Clone this repo

$ git clone
$ cd movieapp
$ yarn install or npm install

Create .env file in your root directory and add the following



Get api key - TMDB - Youtube

How to start

$ react-native run-android
$ react-native run-ios

Exponent/ex-navigation version

Brent Vatne did awesome work to make this run on exponent, checkout his repo

How to rename react native app?

react-native-rename - Rename react-native app with just one command

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