Color schemes

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You can partially or completely customize the default color configuration of fzf with --color option.

fzf --color=bg+:24
fzf --color=light,fg:232,bg:255,bg+:116,info:27

The name of the base color scheme is followed by custom color mappings. Ansi color code of -1 denotes terminal default foreground/background color.

The color specification can be quite long if fully customized, so it's advised that you put it in $FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS. You can also split it into multiple --colors like follows:

  --color fg:124,bg:16,hl:202,fg+:214,bg+:52,hl+:231
  --color info:52,prompt:196,spinner:208,pointer:196,marker:208

Base scheme

(default: dark on 256-color terminal, otherwise 16)

  • dark Color scheme for dark 256-color terminal
  • light Color scheme for light 256-color terminal
  • 16 Color scheme for 16-color terminal
  • bw No colors

Color configuration

  • fg Text
  • bg Background
  • hl Highlighted substrings
  • fg+ Text (current line)
  • bg+ Background (current line)
  • hl+ Highlighted substrings (current line)
  • info Info
  • prompt Prompt
  • pointer Pointer to the current line
  • marker Multi-select marker
  • spinner Streaming input indicator
  • header Header

24-bit colors

The latest version of fzf supports 24-bit colors.

# Solarized colors

Color schemes (256-colors)


--color fg:124,bg:16,hl:202,fg+:214,bg+:52,hl+:231
--color info:52,prompt:196,spinner:208,pointer:196,marker:208


--color fg:252,bg:233,hl:67,fg+:252,bg+:235,hl+:81
--color info:144,prompt:161,spinner:135,pointer:135,marker:118


--color fg:188,bg:233,hl:103,fg+:222,bg+:234,hl+:104
--color info:183,prompt:110,spinner:107,pointer:167,marker:215


--color fg:-1,bg:-1,hl:230,fg+:3,bg+:233,hl+:229
--color info:150,prompt:110,spinner:150,pointer:167,marker:174

Seoul256 Dusk

--color fg:242,bg:236,hl:65,fg+:15,bg+:239,hl+:108
--color info:108,prompt:109,spinner:108,pointer:168,marker:168

Seoul256 Night

--color fg:242,bg:233,hl:65,fg+:15,bg+:234,hl+:108
--color info:108,prompt:109,spinner:108,pointer:168,marker:168

Solarized Dark

--color dark,hl:33,hl+:37,fg+:235,bg+:136,fg+:254
--color info:254,prompt:37,spinner:108,pointer:235,marker:235

Solarized Light

--color fg:240,bg:230,hl:33,fg+:241,bg+:221,hl+:33
--color info:33,prompt:33,pointer:166,marker:166,spinner:33

Alternate Solarized Light/Dark Theme

This one is easier to read (in my opinion) because the selected row contrasts less with the text.

screenshot 2016-05-31 22 48 01 screenshot 2016-05-31 22 49 22
_gen_fzf_default_opts() {
  local base03="234"
  local base02="235"
  local base01="240"
  local base00="241"
  local base0="244"
  local base1="245"
  local base2="254"
  local base3="230"
  local yellow="136"
  local orange="166"
  local red="160"
  local magenta="125"
  local violet="61"
  local blue="33"
  local cyan="37"
  local green="64"

  # Comment and uncomment below for the light theme.

  # Solarized Dark color scheme for fzf
    --color fg:-1,bg:-1,hl:$blue,fg+:$base2,bg+:$base02,hl+:$blue
    --color info:$yellow,prompt:$yellow,pointer:$base3,marker:$base3,spinner:$yellow
  ## Solarized Light color scheme for fzf
  #export FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS="
  #  --color fg:-1,bg:-1,hl:$blue,fg+:$base02,bg+:$base2,hl+:$blue
  #  --color info:$yellow,prompt:$yellow,pointer:$base03,marker:$base03,spinner:$yellow

Base16 colors for fzf

A collection of colorschemes based on the base16 project.

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