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Pre-built binaries for Windows can be downloaded here. However, other components of the project do not work on Windows. You might want to consider installing fzf on Windows Subsystem for Linux where everything runs flawlessly.

No --height support

Windows binary does not support --height option which is used to start fzf in non-fullscreen mode.

fzf outputs character set not supported when TERM environment variable is set

TERM must be unset to run on the terminal. cmd.exe, powershell, and the default Windows terminal do not set it. Windows-specific terminal emulators like ConEmu do not set TERM. fzf unsets TERM only when running on bash with TERM=cygwin so fzf fails on mintty since it uses TERM=xterm or TERM=xterm-256color.

fzf uses cmd.exe to start FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND

Even if you're on Cygwin, fzf will use cmd.exe (instead of sh) to start FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND.

Absolute Filepaths

Set FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND to dir /s/b. This is fzf's default command before

Relative Filepaths

If not using cmd.exe builtins, take note of fzf does not cleanup child processes on Windows.

Set FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND to any of the following:

PowerShell support

Windows Prompt(cmd) and MSYS2

Windows wrapper for fzf

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