👉 Target text *after* the designated characters
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vim-after-object travis-ci

Defines text objects to target text after the designated characters.


Using vim-plug:

Plug 'junegunn/vim-after-object'

Setting up

vim-after-object does not define any mappings by default. You have to enable mappings you want.

autocmd VimEnter * call after_object#enable('=', ':', '-', '#', ' ')

For each character in the argument list, a pair of mappings is defined; the default mapping with a-prefix (mnemonic for after) and the one with aa-prefix for backward search. The latter is only useful when the character appears more than once in the line.

To use different prefixes, pass an optional list to after_object#enable:

" ]= and [= instead of a= and aa=
autocmd VimEnter * call after_object#enable([']', '['], '=', ':')


# va=  visual after =
# ca=  change after =
# da=  delete after =
# ya=  yank after =
apple = 'juice'

When the line contains multiple occurrences of the character, you can move the visual selection forward by repeating a=, or backward with aa=. Both mappings can be preceded by a count. Refer to the test cases for the details.