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deathlyfrantic and junegunn Don't fire autocmds when switching windows (#62)
Apparently, [Neovim now fires the `CursorMoved` autocmd every time a window is changed](, and that seems to be the root cause of the problem I ran into in #61. (More details can be found in neovim/neovim#11102.) This change has fixed that specific issue for me, but I don't know if there might be other problematic side effects.
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autoload Don't fire autocmds when switching windows (#62) Dec 12, 2019
plugin <Plug>(peekaboo) should not be buffer-local Mar 20, 2017
syntax Extend `@` as well Feb 4, 2015 Use getchar(1) to determine if we're in non-interactive mode Mar 17, 2017


Peekaboo extends " and @ in normal mode and <CTRL-R> in insert mode so you can see the contents of the registers.


Using vim-plug:

Plug 'junegunn/vim-peekaboo'


Peekaboo will show you the contents of the registers on the sidebar when you hit " or @ in normal mode or <CTRL-R> in insert mode. The sidebar is automatically closed on subsequent key strokes.

You can toggle fullscreen mode by pressing spacebar.


Config Default Description
g:peekaboo_window vert bo 30new Command for creating Peekaboo window
g:peekaboo_delay 0 (ms) Delay opening of Peekaboo window
g:peekaboo_compact 0 (boolean) Compact display
g:peekaboo_prefix Empty (string) Prefix for key mapping (e.g. <leader>)
g:peekaboo_ins_prefix Empty (string) Prefix for insert mode key mapping (e.g. <c-x>)



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