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nfischer and junegunn Use 'rtp' option to filter diff (#798)
Previously, `:PlugDiff` would show every new commit to a plugin's git
repo. This makes sense for the general case, but makes less sense when a
plugin lives in a subdirectory of the repo (and is configured with the
'rtp' option). This makes it difficult to determine which commits relate
to the plugin and which are unrelated.

This changes `:PlugDiff` to filter out any commits outside of the 'rtp'

Some consequences:

 * This does not change the `:PlugUpdate` UI. This means `:PlugUpdate`
   may pull down non-plugin commits, display that it has updated the
   plugin, and then `:PlugDiff` will show no updates (since such commits
   fall out of the 'rtp' path).
 * It also means there's no UI to revert non-plugin updates, as they
   don't show up in `:PlugDiff`.
Latest commit 734d9a1 Nov 3, 2018

Test cases for vim-plug




./run !


Test cases for the following features are currently missing:

  • Output formatting
  • Timeout or interrupt cleaning up git processes
  • User prompt in PlugClean command
  • Single-threaded installer
  • Windows support
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