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Android 仿微信短视频录制
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Android 仿微信短视频录制

项目代码分析请移步本人博客:[28] —— Android 仿微信录制短视频(不使用 FFmpeg)


VideoRecorder VideoRecorder VideoRecorder VideoRecorder

Bug 修复与更新日志:


  • 1.2.0:仿照微信,短按拍照长按拍摄 ——19.06.21
  • 1.1.5:增加进度条,修改依赖为 androidx ——19.05.17
  • 1.1.4:修复录制时切出后无法再次播放的问题 ——18.11.12
  • 1.1.3:修复录制时间过短导致崩溃的问题 ——18.11.08
  • 1.1.2:修复在华为设备不兼容的问题 ——18.11.03
  • 1.1:修复录制视频无法在 ios 设备播放的问题 ——18.11.02

MediaRecorder: stop failed: -1007

java.lang.RuntimeException: stop failed. at Method)

该异常会在部分机型出现,当录制完毕后,执行 stop() 函数时出现异常。 解决思路:

  1. 检查 MediaRecorder 的视频输出尺寸是否是系统所支持的尺寸
  2. 修改 Camera 的预览尺寸与 MediaRecorder 的视频输出尺寸一致
  3. 修改 MPEG_4_SP 为 H264 mRecorder?.setVideoEncoder(MediaRecorder.VideoEncoder.MPEG_4_SP) -> mRecorder?.setVideoEncoder(MediaRecorder.VideoEncoder.H264)

stop failed 的另一种情况

读者反馈当录制视频时间过短时或出现崩溃的情况,就此我们可以参考 stop() 方法的备注:

     * Stops recording. Call this after start(). Once recording is stopped,
     * you will have to configure it again as if it has just been constructed.
     * Note that a RuntimeException is intentionally thrown to the
     * application, if no valid audio/video data has been received when stop()
     * is called. This happens if stop() is called immediately after
     * start(). The failure lets the application take action accordingly to
     * clean up the output file (delete the output file, for instance), since
     * the output file is not properly constructed when this happens.
     * @throws IllegalStateException if it is called before start()
    public native void stop() throws IllegalStateException;



  1. try{}catch{} 捕获改异常,并提示用户录制时间太短,然后允许用户重新录制;
  2. 人为延时,在 stop() 方法调用前确定总时长,当总时长小于 1s 时,Thread.sleep(xxx)
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