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Software needed

  • ruby 1.8.7
  • rubygems (latest build)
  • curl
  • sqlite3

Gems needed

  • sinatra
  • haml
  • ruby-sqlite3
  • datamapper
  • dm-serializer
  • bundler


Run the sinatra server with

ruby sinatra_server.rb

Initialize some test servers, accounts, users and write bogus games in xlogfiles.

rake bogus:init

  • The test users created are "r4wrmage", "ad3on", "k3rio", "bh44k", "c4smith789", and "st3nno".
  • The passwords and account names are the same as the user names.
  • Two servers with xlogfiles are created.
  • Some games are written in the xlogfiles (but are not parsed into the database).

Parse the games into the database

rake fetch:get_games

  • Checks all servers on changed xlogfiles. If a xlogfile has been changed, the new games are fetched and written in the database

Create some new bogus games

rake bogus:add_game[10]

  • Adds 10 games of random players to random xlogfiles.
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