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The simplest possible app that can serve these Sphinx docs and issue
redirects for the previous URLs.
import static
import selector
from unipath import FSPath as Path
app = selector.Selector()
def redirect(to):
Create a 301 redirect WSGI app.
`to` may contain str.format-style formatting which'll be formatted against
the routing arguments (wsgiorg.routing_args).
def _redirect(environ, start_response):
args, kwargs = environ['wsgiorg.routing_args']
start_response('301 MOVED PERMANENTLY',
[('Location', to.format(*args, **kwargs))])
return []
return _redirect
# Redirects for old doc URLs, since Cool URIs Don't Change.
app.add('/', GET=redirect('/en/2.0/index.html'))
app.add('/license/', GET=redirect('/en/2.0/license.html'))
app.add('/about/', GET=redirect('/en/2.0/frontmatter.html'))
app.add('/en/1.0/', GET=redirect('/en/2.0/index.html'))
app.add('/en/1.0/{doc:chunk}/', GET=redirect('/en/2.0/{doc}.html'))
app.add('/en/2.0/{doc:chunk}/', GET=redirect('/en/2.0/{doc}.html'))
# Serve docs at "/en/2.0" still, to leave room for the future.
# One of these days I'll actually do this, not just talk about it!
docs = static.Cling(Path(__file__).parent.child('_build', 'html'))
app.add("/en/2.0|", GET=docs)