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include .config
# --- Change the settings below to suit your environment. See explanations in
# --- the build documentation for more details. ---
PREFIX ?= /usr/local
MODDIR ?= $(PREFIX)/lib/lua/5.2
LUAINC ?= -I/usr/include/lua5.2
HPDFLIB ?= -lhpdf
LUA ?= lua
LUAC ?= luac
PLATFORM ?= linux
# PLATFORM=macosx
# --- End of user settings, no need to change anything below this line. ---
linux_COMPILE=cc $(LUAINC) $(HPDFINC) -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -shared -fPIC -c -o $@ $<
linux_LINK=cc -shared -fPIC -o $@ $^ $(HPDFLIB) -lz -lpng -lm
linux_REPORT=ldd ./$(TARGET)
macosx_COMPILE=cc -DHPDF_SHARED $(LUAINC) $(HPDFINC) -DLUA_USE_MACOSX -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fPIC -c -o $@ $<
macosx_LINK=cc -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -DLUA_USE_MACOSX $(HPDFLIB) -lz -lpng -o hpdf.o
macosx_REPORT=otool -L ./$(TARGET)
PDF = \
demo/arc_demo.pdf \
demo/encryption_demo.pdf \
demo/ext_gstate_demo.pdf \
demo/font_demo.pdf \
demo/grid_demo.pdf \
demo/hello_demo.pdf \
demo/line_demo.pdf \
demo/link_demo.pdf \
demo/logo_demo.pdf \
demo/outline_demo.pdf \
demo/permission_demo.pdf \
demo/slide_show_demo.pdf \
$(TARGET) : hpdf.o
hpdf.o : hpdf.c
dump :
cc -E -dM -ansi -DHPDF_SHARED -pedantic -Wall -O2 $(CFLAGS) $(LUAINC) $(HPDFINC) -shared hpdf.c > $@
test : $(TARGET)
$(LUA) -e "package.path=[[]] package.cpath=[[./?.so;./?.dll]] local hpdf = require [[hpdf]] print(hpdf.VERSION_TEXT)"
all : test
install : $(TARGET)
install -m 0755 -d "$(DESTDIR)$(MODDIR)"
install -m 0755 $(TARGET) "$(DESTDIR)$(MODDIR)"
demo : $(PDF)
package : clean
rm -fr $(PACKAGE)
mkdir -p $(PACKAGE)/demo $(PACKAGE)/windows
cp demo/* $(PACKAGE)/demo
cp windows/* $(PACKAGE)/windows
cp README Makefile hpdf.c $(PACKAGE)
tar czvf $(TAR) $(PACKAGE)
zip -r $(ZIP) $(PACKAGE)
rm -fr $(PACKAGE)
clean :
rm -f $(PDF) $(TARGET) $(TAR) $(ZIP) *.o dump
.PHONY : main demo clean lib package test install
$(PDF): %.pdf: %.lua $(TARGET)
@$(LUAC) -l -p $< | grep SETGLOBAL; true
$(LUA) -e 'package.path="demo/?.lua;./?.lua" package.cpath="./?.so"' $<