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Utility to show histogram plot (▁▂▃▅▂▇) timelines of your github commits, organized by repository
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Utility to show a histogram plot timeline of commits to your githup repositories. By default, it is set to show the last 45 days of activity, which fits nicely in a narrow terminal pane (~8-10 cm on-screen.)

alt text



Make sure the following can be found in your path.


1. Set the parent folder for all your git repositories (assumption is that one parent folder contains them all)

2. Run to load the required shell functions


3. Run rungitcommitchecker and provide the path to your github repositories as the first (and only argument)

rungitcommitchecker /path/to/github-repositories

If all worked, then you should see a histogram appear every ten minutes showing a timeline of your latest commits.

3. Explanation of output

alt text

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