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Seattle Hack The Commute. Team Geo Hackers for Good.

Application Name: WorkOrbit This application was developed on March 22, 2015 for the Seattle Hack the Commute.

Isn't our app beautiful?! Our app is live at

Challenge and Approach

Our submission is for Challenge #5: Encourage users to select options that relieve pressure on the overall transportation. We aim to help new residents of Seattle find the right neighborhood with an experience that encourages informed transit choices.

Our approach for satisfying this challenge was to:

  • Interviewed various residents about the challenges and priorities they identified when selecting housing
  • Looked deeply at available datasets to discover ways to guide citizens relocating to the Seattle area toward better informed decisions
  • Considered off-the-shelf API solutions to meet time constraints
  • Discussed various design directions with mentors to distill down the decision tree for a natural user experience
  • Focused and interated on intuitive, clean design to avoid information overload

Team Members

Our team is comprised of:

Technologies, APIs, and Datasets Utilized

We made use of:

  • Pronto Bike Share Locations & Data
  • SDOT Public Garage Data
  • Neighborhood Shapes KC GIS
  • Google Maps API
  • Walkscore API
  • Express JS


If you'd like to contribute please contact Adrienne Kerr @JungleDre.

Next Steps:

  1. Home / Apartment Search Partners
  2. Deeper implementation of data sets
  3. Market as work & city relocation service

Our code is licensed under the MIT License. Pull requests will be accepted to this repo, pending review and approval.