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let go can only create the future

♡ We speak therefore we are.

⎋ Speak up!

A Volcano of vocabularising

Haiku 俳句 short poetry

※ Graphic, Efficient, Rapid Communication Bricks

⁂ Use me to get a clue and to get the message through!

❊ Who? its a second click quest and pleasure!

Speak website v.1.1.2 features

To do

Sometime soon:

  • refactor with gridsome or nuxt.js
  • improve OG/twitter cards preview images generation
  • turn speechbubble css into svg
  • more share links fb, g+, (twitter done!) in single
  • double kudos: love|hate
  • smooth transitions
  • service workers
  • print.css


Dev features

  • gulp OG/twitter cards preview images generation (gulp-webshot using phantomjs)
  • gulp browsersync

Gems dependencies:

  • github-pages
  • jekyll-feed
  • html-proofer
  • jekyll-sitemap
  • jekyll-seo-tag


Node, Npm, gulp

Getting started

0. If you haven't yet, install Bundler + Gulp globally!

gem install --global bundler
npm install --global gulp

Dev time

1. In project local dir:

bundle install

2. Install Gulp in project local dir:

npm install --save-dev gulp

3. First run Jekyll like this:

bundle exec jekyll serve --trace

4. Open a new terminal window and run

(meta previews images for social networks, OG, Twitter, chats and the such...)

gulp make-previews

you might need to change which images are generated by adjusting line 20 of gulpfile.js

5. (optional) Open a new terminal window and run browsersync via gulp: