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Official Issues Tracking for JungleWP LTD Solutions
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🐞 Bug Reporting

Is it a bug?

GitHub Issues are for bugs only.

Examples of things that aren’t considered bugs:

  • Can’t figure out how to do something
  • Having issues accessing your server
  • Can’t get the server installed
  • I want a new widget in my site
  • If your issue falls into one of these categories, please see Getting Support

New feature requests should be posted in the right issue template named Suggestions.

It is a bug!

Before reporting a new issue

  • Read the Documentation carefully all the way through.
  • In case of using JungleWP Solutions, Make sure you are running the latest version. It’s very likely simply updating will resolve your issue.
  • Try to narrow it down to reproducible steps. If we can reproduce it, we will be able to fix the issue a lot quicker.
  • Look at all of your browser logs for errors.
  • Search Google using a few different search terms.
  • Search the Issues for your bug. If you find it carefully check that it is identical and give it a thumbs up, or add some additional information to the ticket if it differs. This will help give us a fuller picture.
  • If you got this far then report an issue

Reporting a new issue

  • Giving clear background information will help save a lot of time.

Please include the following information in order to promote effective fixing.

  • Operating System / Version / Architecture (64 bit?)
  • Browser type and version, including any add-ons. (e.g. AdBlocker, NoScript, etc.)
  • Current solution version
  • Expected behavior
  • Actual behavior
  • Can the bug consistently be reproduced? If so, how?
  • Relevant errors and other log output
  • Screen shots as necessary
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