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A foul-mouthed election information application.
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Install and Run

Using Homebrew

Install node and npm and install packages.

$ brew install node
# If you override python, you may need to tell npm
# to use the system python by adding: --python=/usr/bin/python
$ npm install
# If you've run `gulp install -g` and installed gulp globally you can just type
# `gulp` here
$ node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js

Run build

Files inside the web directory should never be directly edited. They are compiled versions of the sources files from the src directly. Make all your edits and changes to the files contained within the src directory.

Running the build process will take all the code in the /src directory and output a complete runnable version of the site to the /web directory.

Building manually

Any time you make changes to any file in your source code, run a build as follows:

  1. Make changes to any file in /src (markup, stylesheets, scripts, etc.)
  2. On the command line, navigate to the root directory of the project and enter the following:
$ gulp

The default build will generate uncompressed CSS and JS files. To generate minified versions of the site assets, add the --prod flag to the command like so:

$ gulp --prod

Building automatically

You can automatically rebuild any time a source file has changed as follows.

  • On the command line, navigate to the root directory of the project and enter the following:
$ gulp watch
  • A persistent file watcher will run. This automatically runs the default build every time it detects a change to a file in /src (markup, stylesheets, scripts, etc.)
  • The watch task will also spin up a local webserver that will run the site. Changes will automatically be injected into the webpage via Browsersync.

The --prod flag can also be used on the watch task to minify the CSS and JS assets.

$ gulp watch --prod

Happy voting!

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