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Torch implementation of palette generator.
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Palette Generator

written by Junho Cho

Train and validate with th paletteGenerator.lua.

more options with -exp_name or -saveResultsPath.

eg) th paletteGenerator.lua -exp_name L2only -saveResultsPath l2only_results. th paletteGenerator.lua -exp_name GANonly -saveResultsPath GANonly_results.


This repo contains Palette Generator. Palette Generator is implemented with Torch, inspired by Palette Generator uses L2 and adversarial loss to train.


Palette is crawled from and composed of 6 colors. Crawled with Chrome extension. Use following ./src/crawl_script.json to crawl. Dataset code is in ./src. It also includes hueshift process on img-palette pairs. However, this implementation do not use images.

For convinience, Dataset is already prepared as ./designseeds-v3-train.t7 and ./designseeds-val.t7.


Install display to visualize results.

  • Prior color is given sometimes. Output palette will contain the color.
  • red : prior color locked
  • yellow : prior color is loosely given.



Best model proposed

L2 only

Cannot learn to generate various color palette

GAN only

Seems like mode collapse occur

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