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Serial Device Emulator Logo

Serial Device Emulator (SDEmu)

Develop your software without the real Serial Port device through C#-Script Emulation. Works for RS-232 and RS-485 devices.

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A new cross-platform successor is being developed. You can visit Termission.


📦 SerialDeviceEmulator-v1.0.4-x86.msi

📦 SerialDeviceEmulator-v1.0.4-x64.msi

📦 SerialDeviceEmulator-v1.0.4-arm64.msi

SHA-256 Checksum

9045390a68fb990d47225b5e675ae260c43894f5af24adb99daf346911962817  SerialDeviceEmulator-v1.0.4-x86.msi
377b066b8a86899c7b12d971f61bb11df8c53c98afa54f7b78032cb1870d40c7  SerialDeviceEmulator-v1.0.4-x64.msi
aca33960051012df1dfdc44f557317f37aa6973fc5c3d3c9412ee455c990f00b  SerialDeviceEmulator-v1.0.4-arm64.msi


Requires .NET 4.6.2 for Windows version older than Windows 10

Installation and Usage

  • Install Virtual COM Port driver such as com0com.
  • Download the Serial Device Emulator app and install it normally.
  • Type in a string or hexadecimal message.
  • Write Bot Script in C# by clicking View - Device Bot.
  • The rest of the features should be self-explanatory.

Serial Device Emulator demo

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


  • Manual device control
  • Log everything
  • Auto response using C#-like script language


Special thanks to JB from 35 Engineering for sponsoring the development of this project.

The original repo was on Google Code.


This project is licensed under MIT License.

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