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Dungeon Battlefield Game added Dungeon Battlefield game Aug 29, 2013
Find Maximum Integer in Array added findMax Sep 1, 2013
Guess The Card Magic Trick added Guess The card Sep 1, 2013
Magic Box Series added magic box series Sep 1, 2013
Maze Solver merge maze solver into one folder Sep 1, 2013
Month Calendar added month calendar Sep 1, 2013
Odd Number Generator added fibonacci series generator Aug 29, 2013
Perfect Maze Generator added perfect maze generator Aug 29, 2013
Quadratic Equation Solver added Quadratic Equation Solver Aug 29, 2013
Snakes and Ladders Game added Snakes and Ladders game Aug 29, 2013
Spiral Box Series added spiral box series Sep 1, 2013
String Encryption Decryption added string encrypt decrypt Aug 29, 2013
String Position added strpos Aug 29, 2013
String Sorting added string sorting Aug 29, 2013
Struct and File IO Exercise added more exercises Sep 1, 2013
Words Filter added words filter Aug 29, 2013
blackjack-game blackjack game compatible with *nix Feb 18, 2018
body-mass-index-calculator fix body mass index calculator Feb 20, 2018
fibonacci-series-generator fix fibonacci generator Feb 20, 2018
hangman-game hangman game now portable Feb 18, 2018
knight-tour-solver knight tour solver Feb 20, 2018
looping-exercise fix looping-excersie Feb 20, 2018
prime-number-checker rename prime-number-checker Feb 20, 2018
prime-number-generator prime generator is *nix friendly Feb 18, 2018
rock-paper-scissor fix rps game Feb 18, 2018
tower-of-hanoi-solver fix tower of hanoi Feb 20, 2018
.gitignore added Knight's Tour solver Aug 29, 2013
LICENSE Update LICENSE Feb 20, 2018 Update Aug 29, 2013

C/C++ Awesome Pack

This project contains some awesome c++ codes, packed in one.


This project is licensed under MIT.