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Update #2

merged 213 commits into from May 8, 2019


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commented May 8, 2019

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ry and others added some commits Mar 15, 2019

core: Behavior shouldn't be generic
We always pass around Box<[u8]>, and adding this generic is an
unnecessary complication.

Add deno_core_http_bench_test to

sharedQueue works on deno_core_http_bench
Integrate //core into existing code base
This disables a few tests which are broken still:
- tests/error_004_missing_module.test
- tests/error_005_missing_dynamic_import.test
- tests/error_006_import_ext_failure.test
- repl_test test_set_timeout
- repl_test test_async_op
- repl_test test_set_timeout_interlaced
- all of permission_prompt_test
Remove Eager read, write, accept (denoland#1959)
Removing this reduces tail latency in test/http_bench.ts by half.
Deprecate DENO_BUILD_MODE=release
Instead use: tools/ --release
Rename //src/ to //cli/ (denoland#1962)
To better distinguish the deno_core crate from the executable deno,
which will now be called "the cli" internally.
Move fetch_remote_source, fetch_local_source
They do not depend on DenoDir, so should not be methods of it.

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commented on cli/ in 48bf419 Mar 20, 2019

@afinch7 Sorry I missed this in the review. Were these tests intentionally disabled?

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replied Mar 21, 2019

Yes they shouldn't be needed anymore, but It might be a good idea to add a test to check that Isolates using CliBehavior can't call op_fetch_module_meta_data.

ry added some commits Mar 20, 2019

Add more async module loading function (denoland#1974)
* get_source_code_async
* fetch_module_meta_data_async
* fetch_module_meta_data_and_maybe_compile_async
Improve pretty printing of objects
If an object has more than 5 elements, it is printed in abbeviated form
displaying only the keys. This is useful in the REPL when inspecting
large objects like the Deno namespace:

  > Deno
  { args, noColor, pid, env, exit, isTTY, execPath, chdir, cwd, File,
  open, stdin, stdout, stderr, read, write, seek, close, copy,
  toAsyncIterator, SeekMode, Buffer, readAll, mkdirSync, mkdir,
  makeTempDirSync, makeTempDir, chmodSync, chmod, removeSync, remove,
  renameSync, rename, readFileSync, readFile, readDirSync, readDir,
  copyFileSync, copyFile, readlinkSync, readlink, statSync, lstatSync,
  stat, lstat, symlinkSync, symlink, writeFileSync, writeFile, ErrorKind,
  DenoError, libdeno, permissions, revokePermission, truncateSync,
  truncate, connect, dial, listen, metrics, resources, run, Process,
  inspect, build, platform, version, Console, stringifyArgs,
  DomIterableMixin }

kevinkassimo and others added some commits May 1, 2019

doc: add long about messages for subcommands (denoland#2264)
Type deno <subcommand> -h to view descriptions.
core: remove support for moving deno_buf ownership from C++ to JavaSc…

The functionality hasn't been in use for a long time. Without this feature,
the `alloc_ptr` and `alloc_len` fields are no longer necessary.

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commented on 41c7e96 May 2, 2019

The 5-10% perf improvement can be seen here:
Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12 30 12 PM

piscisaureus and others added some commits May 2, 2019

Work around Windows-only V8 concurrent initialization crash
This patch provides a work-around for an apparent V8 bug where
initializing multiple isolates concurrently leads to a crash on

At the time of writing the cause of this crash is not exactly
understood, but it seems to be related to the V8 internal
function win64_unwindinfo::RegisterNonABICompliantCodeRange(),
which didn't exist in older versions of V8.
Re-enable networking unit tests (denoland#2268)
The following tests were commented out in order to get this to go green :
- bodyMultipartFormData
- bodyURLEncodedFormData
- fetchRequestInitStringBody
- netConcurrentAccept
- netListenAsyncIterator

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commented on 48bcfce May 3, 2019

piscisaureus and others added some commits May 3, 2019


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Collaborator Author

commented on 00ac871 May 3, 2019

Perf gains from this commit were significant for tests/http_bench.ts

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9 54 06 AM

bartlomieju and others added some commits May 3, 2019

ci: make the sanitize build fast again (denoland#2280)
sccache doesn't work for cache debug builds at the moment, because it
doesn't support the `-Xclang -fdebug-compilation-dir` flag that has been
added by the most recent V8 upgrade.

This patch should make the asan/lsan job on Travis CI fast again.
fix: display "-0" for -0 (denoland#2281)
Added special handling code in js/console.ts
feat: support .mjs extension resolution (denoland#2283)
Removed `extmap` and added .mjs entry in `map_file_extension`.
The assert in the compiler does not need to be updated, since it is
resolving from the compiled cache instead of elsewhere (notice the .map
is asserted next to it)

@juniarta juniarta merged commit 1340b13 into juniarta:master May 8, 2019

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