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This NetBeans plugin provides support for FuelPHP Framework.


  • Badge Icon
  • create a new FuelPHP Project from New Project Option
  • create a file for auto completion
  • Action : go to view , go to action
  • Smart Go To and some go to actions
  • Support for custom fuel directory name
  • Support for view path code completion
  • MVC Node
  • Support for running PHPUnit Test
  • Hyperlink navigation
  • Run Command Action
  • Generate Action
  • Default config option
  • Save config as default action


Auto Code Completion

Create a new file for auto completion from Project Menu > FuelPHP > create auto completion file It's added to nbproject directory.


If create a project from new project, add it automatically.

Go to view / action Action

Go to view

  • Right-click at the action method in the controller file.
  • Navigate
  • Go to view

Go to action

  • Right-click in the view or view model file.
  • Navigate
  • Go to action

Smart Go To / Go To Actions

Smart Go To

We can go to specific files relevant to a current file.

[Ctrl + Shift + G] [S] or [Ctrl + J] [S]

(from : to)

  • controller : view, view model, presenter, test
  • model : test
  • view: controller
  • view model, presenter : controller, test
  • test : tested class

Go To Actions

It is available the following actions:

  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [C] Controller
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [V] View
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [W] View Model
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [P] Presenter
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [T] Test
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + C] All Controllers
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + M] All Models
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + W] All View Models
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + P] All Presenters
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + T] All Tests
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + K] All Tasks
  • [Ctrl + Shift + G] [Ctrl + I] All Configurations


If you have already used these shortcuts, please try to set shortcuts to keymap (Tools > Options).

Custom fuel directory name

If you use "myfuel" name instead of "fuel" directory name, please set as the following.

  1. Project properties > Framework > FuelPHP
  2. fuel name : your fuel directoy name (e.g. myfuel)


You can change only the fuel directory name. Many features don't work if other directory names are changed.

View path code completion

Plugin provides support for view path code completion. e.g.

// popup directory and file names

If you push enter key at the directory name, please, run [Ctrl+Space] again. And directory childrenis displayed on popup list.

MVC and modules Nodes

Create MVC(model, views, controller) and modules nodes on the project pane.

├─source files
├─test files
├─important files
├─include path
├─controller (fuel/app/classes/controller)
├─model (fuel/app/classes/model)
├─views (fuel/app/views)
├─modules (fuel/app/modules)

If you would like to hide the MVC directories in the source files, please move to Project properties > Framework > FuelPHP and check "ignore..."

If you check "ignore...", active position isn't moved to the source files node when you create a new file at the MVC nodes. Otherwise go to there.

Please notice that if you use remote upload on save, you can't ignore these.

PHPUnit Test Init Action

Project right-click > FuelPHP > PHPUnit Test Init

This action will create the necessary files to run PHPUnit in NetBeans. And set them.

Create Test Action

You can create Test Case files from context menu on file nodes or editor.

Hyperlink Navigation

This feature is similar to Go To action.

  1. Hold-down Ctrl key
  2. wait until text color is changed to blue
  3. click
  4. go to file


// move cursor on 'bootstrap.css'
// 1. ... 4.

This is valid for the following methods.

Asset Class

  • img
  • css
  • js

View, ViewModel, Presenter Class

  • forge

Option for creating file automatically

You can also use option for creating file automatically. Please check project properties > Framework > FuelPHP > create a file ...

You can create a empty file when target files don't exisit if this option is valid.

Run Command Action

You can run oil commands with IDE.

Right-click project > FuelPHP > Run Command or Shortcut key Alt + Shift + X

Generate Action

You can run oil generate command with GUI.

Right-click project > FuelPHP > Generate

Default Config Option

Tools > Options > PHP > FuelPHP We can set default config(app/conifg/config.php) to the Options. This is used when new project is created.

Save Config As Default Action

This is able to set current project config to the Options. Right-click project > Fuel > save config as default


Don't clone to SD Card port from new project option!(Hang up...)


CDDL-GPLv2 (see license file)