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NetBeans Encoding Plugin

This plugin opens/saves a file with a specified encoding.


  • NetBeans8.2+

Open/Save in Encoding

File > Open/Save in Encoding...

Show encoding on the status line

Current file encoding will be shown on the status line. If you want to change encoding, Please click the encoding label. (Note: Then, file is closed once and opened again. i.e. File is reopened.)


Search encodings

To search encodings, you can type something when the encoding list is shown. You can use and key to change the selected encoding. You can use Enter key to decide the encoding.

Hide the encoding list

Just type ESC key or click other than the encoding list.




Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0 and GNU General Public License (GPL) v2

Cloned from encoding module of main/contrib repository. (Tomas Zezula)

Also see