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NetBeans PHP Enhancements Plugin

Support for some small features.


  • Smart delete (Ctrl + Shift + BACK_SPACE)
  • Generate dummy text (Alt + Insert > Dummy Text)
  • Generate dummy image
  • Convert to PHP short array syntax
  • Typing hooks
  • Code completion
  • Convert String to Html entities (name entities)
  • Convert Html eltities to String

Smart delete

This feature delete string between "" or '', variable name.

delete string


<?php echo "your message";?> -> <?php echo "";?>

delete variable name


<?php $somethingVariable;?> -> <?php $;?>

Generate dummy text

We can use this feature on PHP and Html editors. Please set base text on the Dialog. It will be looped with option.


  • loop count
  • text length

Generate dummy image

We can generate a dummy image with this feature to specific folder. Please right-click a folder > Generate dummy image

Convert to PHP short array syntax

Convert array() to []. Right-click (file|directory) > Convert to php short array syntax

Typing hooks

If you want to enable this feature, Please check Options(Tools > Options > PHP > Enhancements).

This is avaible with the following operators:

  • Object operator ->
  • Double arrow operator =>

e.g. type $this- => $this->, type array('key' =) => array('key' =>)

$array = array('key' => 'value');
$a = ["foo" => "bar"];

Code completion


Please check Tools > Options > PHP > Enhancements

  • Change name for define, defined and const to uppercase name

Function and method parameter

  • multibyte functions (e.g. mb_convert_encoding())
  • header
  • ini_set, ini_get, ini_alter, ini_restore
  • date_default_timezone_set
  • date, date_format
  • Datetime::format, DateTimeImmutable::format
  • htmlentities, htmlspecialchars
  • session_cache_limiter

Please run code completion (Ctrl + Space) inside quotes.





Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0 and GNU General Public License (GPL) v2